by : Greg Chillino, Counsel

Be aware that as of May 10, 2017, the penalty schedule for DOB violations will be found under Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York. Previously it was located under OATH’s rules; title 48. With the new location comes some good news and bad news. A Class 1 violation for failure to designate and/or have a Construction Superintendent or Site Safety Manager/Coordinator on site carries a minimum penalty of $10,000. A Class 1 violation for failure to safeguard persons or property continues to have a minimum $10,000 penalty. One plus – with some exceptions, default and aggravated penalties can now be reduced in half if DOB approves a certificate of correction.

Newly Passed Legislation
Int. 81-2014: This will require DOB to notify OSHA, City Council and the mayor when hazardous violations are issued that can endanger workers.
Int. 1448: This will require any new building or demolition that is taller than 4 stories to require a site safety plan.

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Download all Newly Passed Legislation awaiting signature by the mayor

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